Our History

I began collecting antique winchesters in 1975. As my collection grew, I added a few western saddles, some paintings and other indian artefacts. My priority was always to keep my collection authentic.

In 1990 I opened the Western Shop.

I only wanted american and mexican goods for my shop and started with 40 pairs of Tony Lama boots. Since then, I have added many other brands, as you can see it through this site.

In 2000 my son Frederic started working with me at the shop.
In 2004 I bought a collection of unique indian artefacts.
In 2006 the collection was on exhibit at the Royal Museums of Art and History of Brussels.
In 2009 the collection was on exhibit at the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave in Denver, Colorado.

I use to fly to the USA five times a year to find new items to add to our product range. The shop presently has 2,000 pairs of boots, over 1,000 hats, and many more quality items in stock, all of which I would wear myself. Our goal is to satisfy our every client, who will get personal advice from me and my son Frederic.

It is a family business, one that we are proud of.

François Chladiuk

Me and my son Frédéric